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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning:

  • residential & commercial mobile truck mounted cleaning services
  • cleaned with hot water extraction method, aka “steam cleaning”
  • roto steam cleaning for heavily soiled carpets
  • pet urine stain treatments, red stain treatments, spot cleaning
  • stairwells, area rugs cleaned onsite, carpet grooming, furniture moving
  • all furniture is cleaned onsite with a fast dry time.
  • fast drying times 3 to 8 hours, depending on humidity, airflow, temps,etc.
  • emergency water extraction

Scotchgard & Deodorizing:

  • Scotchgard is an additional cost of .15 per sq.ft., it can be applied to carpet & upholstery after it has been cleaned
  • Scotchgard helps prevent staining, improves vacuuming, helps keep carpet & upholstery cleaner longer
  • Please, ask us for  Scotchgard if you’re interested in having it applied.
  • Deodorizing carpet & upholstery is normally included in your carpet cleaning if needed.
  • Leaves a fresh cirtus scent, and is applied after cleaning.

 Tile and Grout Cleaning:

  •  truck-mounted steam cleaning (enclosed pressure washing) for your ceramic,or stone tile and grout to blast away years of dirt and grime
  • hand-detailed edging around walls and under kitchen cabinets, machine and hand scrubbing for pre-agitation of soil before cleaning
  • sealing grout is recommended after cleaning, it protects grout & keeps grout cleaner longer, helps protect grout from soil & staining
  • grout lines sealed with clear penatrating  stone tech sealers.
  • top sealing & finishing can be done in some cases
  • Please ask us about sealing and we’ll  be happy to apply it.

Floor Stripping & Waxing:

  • residential & commercial floor stripping & waxing service
  • types of flooring include: vinyl tile, aka “VCT”, strip vinyl, lino, & rubber flooring
  • after floors are stripped, we apply sealer, then up to 4 coats of finish for deep shine & durability
  • floor finish drys fast and can be walked on within hours
  • floor scrubbing & re-coating can be done after months of traffic to remove scuffs & scratches in wax
  • floor burnishing can be done to remove light scuffs & scratches
  • please, ask us about coming back to maintain your floors, so your floors look shiney year round.

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Lee DiMatteo

  • "I have hired Dimatteo Cleaning Service for a variety of projects over the years. I find his prices very reasonable, and the work is always top notch."
    Janet Planet
  • "We have been repeatedly pleased with the work of Lee & Michelle Dimatteo.

    With 2 kids, a dog and while carpets, we have relied on Lee over the years to keep our carpets looking new.

    They are professional, fast and the price is extremely reasonable. I highly recommend their service to my friends every chance I get."
    Laura Lewis
    Gorham, ME